– is an interdisciplinary collaboration between Kim, Jung Soo, Claire Lobenfeld, Thuy-Tien Vo, Tzuen/Theo Wu, and Yezhou Zheng who met in Chicago. The project originated through involvement with events hosted by the experimental time-based art collective //sense and iterations of the work have been performed at School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s MacLean Ballroom and radical art space No Nation in Wicker Park. [[Rehearsal]] is a playing ground for its performers to harness the joy of their respective artistic concerns and practices with singular generative theater productions that free each maker from the burden of perfection, permanence, or reproducibility.


Kim, Jung Soo

Kim, Jung Soo is a Chicago-based artist born in Seoul, Korea. She uses interactive installation to tell stories about the spaces we occupy and actively evolve. Her work unravels the story of individuals and space by artistically expanding the existing sociological concept of personal space.

These investigations into the spaces where we exist and will exist began with a solo exhibition at Cyart gallery in Seoul. She continues to seek spatial experiences about “us” (society, community), not “oneself,” that reveal the society’s diversity for various individuals, inducing freshness to daily life.

Claire Lobenfeld

Claire Lobenfeld is a writer originally from New York state. A fifteen year veteran of music journalism, she is currently an MFA candidate in Writing at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her literary work favors language over traditional narrative structures through a focus on sound, image, and disruption of syntactical norms and engages themes of feminized labor, what haunts from girlhood, and collisions between the human and non-human.

Thuy-Tien Vo

Thuy-Tien Vo is an interdisciplinary artist and poet who graduated from the University of Architecture in Ho Chi Minh City and is currently pursuing a Master of Art in Visual and Critical Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Working with various media such as moving images, theatrical performances, performance art, or curation, her practice often toys with the intertextuality of forms and delves into the intersection of chaotic memories, gender, cultural belief, and mass production.

Her interests raise inquiries to test togetherness and apartness, cohabitation, and individual displacement and how images reflect our shared illusion. Thuy-Tien Vo is also the co-founder of Ba Roi (Bacon) Collective, which pays attention to mass production and deep-rooted stereotypes in the local contexts. Living and working between Chicago and Vietnam, Thuy-Tien Vo seeks to expand the artistic community through collaboration and friendship.

Tzuen Wu

Tzuen Wu (Theo) is a Taiwanese artist and researcher currently residing in Chicago. They make and install experimental objects, images, and videos. Their work explores the power dynamics between seeing and being seen, and questions related social structures in the context of identity, family history, colonialism, and environment. They experiment with optical illusion, bio art, and 3D modeling. Wu received a BFA from the Taipei National University of Art and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Yezhou Zheng

Yezhou Zheng (Yejo) is a video and projection artist whose works experiment with the human body and time linearity.